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Martin Jetpack
Named as one of Time magazine\'s Top 50 inventions for 2010, the Martin Jetpack is the world\'s first practical jetpack, set to revolutionise the industries of aviation, recreation and transportation. Able to be flown by a pilot or via remote control, this inspirational and versatile product continues to attract strong interest from potential customers and investors worldwide.

Based in New Zealand, Martin Aircraft Company is currently focusing on developing the Martin Jetpack for use as a first responder vehicle and a heavy lift unmanned air vehicle. Following the successful introduction of the Jetpack into the first responder community, the company will work on developing a jetpack for leisure and personal use.

The Martin Jetpack was initially conceived of and developed by Glenn Martin in Christchurch in 1981 in response to another jetpack that had a one minute flight-time limit. Now over 30 years later, Martin Aircraft Company has assembled a team of the best experts in aviation to make the jetpack a reality, with flight capability of over 30 minutes at speeds up to 74 km/h and altitudes above 800 feet.

Get ready to fly the dream!

Martin Aircraft Company is the maker of the innovative Martin Jetpack. With its patented technology the Martin Jetpack is poised to alter the dynamics of aviation. Initially designed as a personal Jetpack for individuals in the leisure market, the technology is being recognised for its applications across a broad range of different sectors.

Based in Christchurch New Zealand, Martin Aircraft Company is a privately owned company with over 80 shareholders.

Established originally as a research and development company, Martin Aircraft Company is now being positioned to enter the commercial market. As the company launches its first Technical Product, research and devlopment will continue to identify additional customer requirements and integrate these into subsequent product models.
Mailing address
Martin Aircraft Company

46 Curries Rd


New Zealand
+64 3 377 8584
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