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Bombardier Challenger 605
Major advances married with astonishing mission capabilities make Bombardier’s Challenger 605 aircraft an infinitely intelligent business asset. Built to meet every requirement faced by pilots and business leaders today, while offering the flexibility to address the new demands you face tomorrow, this aircraft is a nimble partner that helps you take your business to higher levels.

The efficient and reliable Challenger aircraft fleet has over 4.5 million flight hours, making this tried and true aircraft a highly-respected, all-around performer and an easy choice for business leaders who recognize great value. The aircraft’s cost efficiency matches that of an appreciably smaller jet, while offering the widest cabin space in all of business aviation.

The Challenger 605 business jet boasts incomparable mission capabilities and offers an exceptional flight experience for 9-12 passengers. The high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82 speeds travelers to their destinations while the 4,000 nautical-mile (7,408 km) range lets them cross oceans and continental distances with unequalled ease and efficiency.

Constructed on a proven airframe, the aircraft\'s rugged systems and engines have been continually tested and refined. With over 25 years of dedication to excellence, this is a highly advanced jet with an outstanding legacy of reliability and dependability.

The Challenger 605 aircraft has a wide cabin designed to provide passengers more all-around comfort, convenience and connectivity. They not only have room to relax, they also have a space that encourages personal productivity and performance.

Designed to set new standards for all-around performance both inside and out, the Challenger 605 aircraft is an impressive intercontinental corporate jet with outstanding mission flexibility. Comfortable, peaceful and technologically complete, the Challenger 605 aircraft cabin offers more business, relaxation and HD entertainment flexibility than any other large business jet.

From advanced avionics to mature systems, the Challenger 605 aircraft is technology at its best, with dispatch reliability, airliner maintainability and operating costs that rival those of large jets.

More than 20 years of continual refinements as well as the experience gained from the Bombardier Regional Jet program are seen in every aspect of this superior aircraft.

Like today\'s modern airliners, Bombardier’s Challenger 605 aircraft provides the assurance of multiple layers of redundancy across its hydraulics, flight control and electrical systems. As Bombardier maintains its leadership in systems redundancy, the benefits are felt in the highest degree of dispatch and mission reliability, enhanced flight safety and reduced maintenance requirements.

Every detail of a Challenger aircraft interior is carefully designed and completed to fulfill your functional requirements and cater to your personal aesthetics. Our artisans and craftsmen will put their unique abilities to work and create the perfect interior for you.

Bombardier offers a choice of materials and optional amenities that allows owners to tailor the environment. Our completions approach includes the hands-on involvement of experienced designers and engineers who work with you to ensure that your high expectations are met. A dedicated Bombardier completions team will be assigned to see you through every phase, from the initial customer specification sessions in our modern showroom facilities to the engineering and manufacturing of your aircraft and the meticulous crafting of each of the cabin and cockpit details. This team of specialists from several disciplines will be available to you for consultation.

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800 René-Lévesque Blvd. West

Canada H3B 1Y8
+1 514 861 9481
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