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Ribbon R45SC
The Ribbon R45SC is ready for take off!
The collaboration between Ribbon Yachts an Vripack has resulted in to a masterpiece, called; Ribbon R45SC. A planning high speed cruiser designed for every day use. What makes this spacious 45 footer so special are her characteristic lines and innovative design which give her a modern look. Furthermore, this lightweight structured cruiser is praised with many special features in order to make sure that only her appearance will blow you away. The Ribbon R45SC has been built by applying
Dutch ingenuity and craftsmanship of Ribbon Yachts.

Sharp edges, precise lines and clean surfaces; these are ingredients of a style reduced to the essential. Each element is created exactly according to its function. Ornaments and decorations are totally foreign to a Ribbon. With Ribbon the Vripack designers have coherently developed this philosophy, inspired by another sphere
where speed and dynamism reign absolute; modern aeronautics, responsible for the fastest and most agile airplanes in the world. This has created an extremely precise,
technically striking style with a new vitality: interrupted lines and contorted surfaces create a fascinating play of light, giving the yacht incredible movement.

Interior and exterior
Like these planes the Ribbon R45SC has a fully equipped helm and navigation cockpit which is located in the middle of the yacht. The station is fitted out with three cockpit seats are made of lightweight composite to guarantee the driver perfect support, even in the most extreme driving situations. The cockpit is completely sheltered by the huge windscreen around the entire cockpit area, so that the guests can safely relax and sun-bathe during navigating. The cabin provides unparalleled leg room, huge overhead lockers and a private toilet and shower area.

Lightweight construction
The vacuum injected composite instruction, engineered by Vripack and Conyplex, gives the Ribbon an extremely stiff structure. Ribbon Yachts proves its expertise in the manufacturing of lightweight structures and in working with high-tech composites.

The twin Rolls-Royce water jets powered by Cummins engines are controlled by the vector stick control system providing state-of-the-art easy docking and maneuverability with very tight turning circles and super fine control in fine quarters.
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1671 GD

The Netherlands
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